Welche Bass Saiten gibt es?

Welche Bass Saiten kaufen? Wir geben Euch Tipps zur Herstellung von Stahlsaiten für den E-Bass und die Gitarre

Alle Dur-Tonleitern im Bassschlüssel

Die Kreuz-Tonarten und die b-Tonarten in Dur mit dem Gitarren-Fingersatz für Bass

Übersicht über alle Tonleitern

Übersicht über alle Tonleitern für Dur und Moll. Dur, Reines Moll, harmonisch Moll und melodisch Moll.

9. Phil Lynott's Mirror Bass


Phil Lynott's Mirror Bass During Thin Lizzy's peak in the 1970's, the group's charismatic bassist/leader singer, Phil Lynott had two main basses. Both were black Fender Precision® basses, one with a maple neck and one with a rosewood fingerboard. Phil used the bass with the rosewood fingerboard as his main axe, with the other one being used as a back-up instrument.

Thin Lizzy crew member Mississippi Al Badaway recalls, "Philip had two main basses in the seventies, the more popular being his 'black rosewood neck Precision®'. He modified them with a 'Badass bridge'. I had seen his basses up close on several occasions and believe the rosewood neck was an early 'slab-model' (Circa 1960-62).


Let's not forget the fretless 'early Precision® bass' he used on the 'Chinatown video' either. The 'maple neck P-bass®' was simply a back-up instrument and once I saw him break a string (G) on the 'rosewood' during 'Jailbreak' and after finishing the song, he had his 'bass-tech'' re-string it without him ever taking it off. This was during the Mark (Nauseef) and Gary (Moore) tour in which AC/DC opened for them".



Both basses were fitted with shiny chrome scratchplates, which were made by a spares company called Mighty Mite. After his death in 1986, Phil's collection passed to his mother, Philomena, who still owns the basses.


More recently, Phil's "Number One" bass made a rare public appearance at a one-day exhibition of rock guitars entitled "Silver Strings". The event was held from 12 noon until 5pm on 1st October 2000 at the Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame in Dublin, Ireland. Special guest of honour was Phil's mother. The charity event raised money for Alzheimer's disease. The bass with its distinct shiny scratchplate and black finish is recognised by Thin Lizzy fans across the world and would surely fetch a tidy sum, should it ever be sold at auction.



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